Addendum to HMDDIM

Since I sent in my previous opinion letter, I was informed the current protest organizer is young, and therefore, less likely to have been present for the examples I listed.
That’s fine and good – then obviously that portion doesn’t necessarily apply to her. Regardless, the point remains.
I said what I said, and I’m not here for #NotAllProtestors. Those to whom it’s applicable in Lewistown (and in general) know damn well who they are.

And I’ll go deeper for those on the defense & denial bus:

Normally, I wouldn’t bother to respond to negative texts/emails/PMs/DMs… yet in the interest of better communication…

Yes. That’s tone-policing.

I’m not surprised I’m neither understood nor backed by white people in or around my Circle on this or any of the Black issues/racism I experience in Montana. This is due to the systemic racism (such as race color choices in 4th-grade behavior cards) that is innate in one’s upbringing and that expresses as passive-racism.

Just because people aren’t active in school administrations doesn’t mean they’re gone. Nor are the majority of the 4th-graders that woman taught through generations – including my own. They sit in that town, make the laws. Hell, are the Law. Play golf. Select cars. Vote for trump. Etc.

Everything about small towns “patriots” hold more precious than Black lives (and feelings) is saturated in systemic racism. I experienced it constantly.

So for you to text/email/PM/DM me my opinion was cruel and overly self-indulgent reads as you gaslighting.

Telling Black people their post was inappropriate? We voice our opinion at the time, and are absolutely entitled to express it.

Let me explain something to you:
This is Black folks’ business. If you can’t be quiet and listen, support, educate yourself, and learn… especially without getting triggered… Stay in your lane.

If viewpoints and communication to me were based my words triggering you, instead of you actually taking a moment to pay attention to what I wrote… that’s all on you.

StormCloud tweet from this morning


How much difference does it make?

People of Lewistown, of Central Montana:

My older son texted me today that Lewistown community members were protesting on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s nice to hear that people are showing care… now.

Where was this care when I, alone, protested Blackface in elementary school wax museums (2012). When I, alone, protested the use of race colors in 4th-grade behavior systems (~2010). When I, alone, protested books with the word “nigger” being permitted during Lewistown Schools’ school-sanctioned events (“Family Fun Reading Night”, ~2008).

Eleven years I lived in Lewistown. Eleven years I fought alone. Only I stepped outside of a comfort zone. Only my voice made any sound.
I no longer live in Lewistown; in that respect, Lewistown’s innate, systemic racism won whilst the people of Lewistown lost.

So yes, it’s bittersweet to hear Lewistown’s community is, finally, protesting against racism. However, talk is cheap, and systemic racism is a marathon. 

It’ll be interesting to see if Lewistown and Central Montana can go the distance. I hope, for your own sake, you can.

Long road ahead… photo by StormCloud

Black Lives Matter: then, now, and always. ✊🏾


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Listen to Your Heart

Don’t know about yours, but my Angels are DJs. Yes, They do the repeating numbers thing, and the often, yet when I brush the numbers aside (because Reasons), that’s when They break out Their album collection. (They know it’s much more difficult to ignore an ear worm.) Between Them and the Energy in the air, I opened to Listen. The song on loop today? Listen to Your Heart– Roxette. 🎶

Listen to Your Heart – Roxette

Now, I haven’t paid attention to this songs lyrics… Not even when I would sing along when it first came out. But when my Sacred DJs spin, I look them up:

But listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye


I’ve learned a lot about Forgiveness in the last year; learned a lot about what’s truly important, why I experienced certain things, and how I intend to work with the results of these lessons.

Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile

The precious moments are all lost in the tide, yeah

They’re swept away and nothing is what is seems,

The feeling of belonging to your dreams

Twin Flame Messages, vols. 1 & 2 by Mystic Moon

Sometimes it’s difficult to reach out to someone, especially to apologize, especially when they aren’t communicating with you due to road blocks you set up. It’s also difficult to do when personalities are Stubborn, and likely with innate relationship/communication/ self-love issues. It isn’t easy to admit you were wrong, you fucked up on a general basis; to own it after making basically a dramatic, public declaration of falsehoods? How much internal debate must occur before you can risk that reach-out?

The Dark Mansion Tarot by TaroTeca Studio

Looks like a lot of Truth stepped into some emotions, lot of healing and thinking… Lot of “should I/shouldn’t I” taking place… Yet some small message has the potential to occur. Some form of reaching out to communicate, to assist in self-healing, or resolution of a situation causing emotional disturbance. It is a small one (Page of Cups 🍷), yet sometimes the best things come in small packages. Sometimes, all you need is the door opened a crack. Give a little, to get a lot.

The Dark Mansion Tarot by TaroTeca Studio

A person caused great harm due to a third-party situation or influence, which triggered a disruption in the Cycle, the Plan, or Contract. This, in turn, helped bring about a move for the other party that was something they’d been working towards for a long while (perhaps 3 years), leading to better opportunities for that person. The actions of the King of Swords ⚔ helped that person to learn more about themselves, see into the situation, and accept the Lesson(s). On some level, this is also reflected back into that King of Swords ⚔, and he, too, has lesson(s) to learn… All which will help begin a fresh start, one based in Love, with a greater sense of Self Love.

Thelema Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

This last reading shows, ultimately, that yes, communication is possible and in your ultimate best interest, if you walk away from what you invested in, emotionally, in a negative way. Doors will open – choices – leading to ways you can profit more than just financially, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Your Soul will heal and grow. But you have to stop thinking about it, and take that first step – do it. Reach out. You have the tools and the means. #JustDoIt

That’s all I have to say about that.

And there are voices that want to be heard

So much to mention but you can’t find the words

The sense of magic, the beauty that’s been

When love was wilder than the wind

Listen to your heart when he’s calling for you

Listen to your heart there’s nothing else you can do

I don’t know where you’re going and I don’t know why,

But listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye