Old-School “Selfie”, LOL… #TBT

Back in the pre-digital camera day, film was used. And sometimes it was hard to determine whether or not the film in one’s camera had already captured images or not which caused a phenomenon called “double exposure”. LOL…

I hated taking “selfies” then, and I hate taking them now. (Clearly, I sucked at it then; I certainly suck at it now… The more things change, the more things stay the same. 😛 😉)

So here’s my contribution to “ThrowBack Thursday”.

Old-School Selfie, circa 1993
Old-School Selfie, circa 1993 – #TBT

(The lampshade makes me think of a tacky earring, ’80s style. LOL.)

Incidentally (and out of curiosity), how old do I look in this photo?

Props to…?

I really want to give credit to whomever created the wallpaper I use on this website, on my Twitter page, and essentially everywhere I can because I 💜 it.

It’s a beautiful image and I absolutely relate to it, so thank you to whomever you are who made it available!

(Lightning) Storm Over Sea (Ocean)
(Lightning) Storm Over Sea (Ocean)

Wow, the JTLFF Love! *hugs*

OMG, I can’t get over how many of our JTLFF Peeps signed up on the new mailing list already! So many of you awesome & dedicated Liason & JewelTones fans – both old school & new – *sniffle*. Makes me really motivated to hurry up & get my part of this JTLFF job done!

LOL – Even as I type this, another notification pops in to let me know to get a move on! LOL… 😀

JTLFF Peeps are The BEST!
Thank you, and getting on it!