We Has Kitty! ?

So Saturday, after a mad-dash to Billings and back, we welcomed Xena into our home. ?

Even though my eldest didn’t find her soul-kitty, can’t even begin to describe how ridiculously ecstatic my daughters are.

Mina’s kitty, Xena

Her medical background is sketchy (“she was my brother’s girlfriend’s cat”) so suffice it to say, I promptly called our vet and scheduled her for full exam, shots, and we’ll see if she needs spaying or not (apparently whether Xena was spayed or not was debatable) because if she isn’t, that gets done pronto.

She’s supposedly somewhere around 1-2 years old; I can’t get over how tiny she is. A dainty li’l flower. I’d say it was weird having a cat again after so long without any, except all she does is sleep on a bed somewhere in a kid room, so I never see her. LOL… Easy enough. ?

Nevertheless, welcome, Xena! And her new name/owner tag is on its way!

Lyrics Born @ Zebra!

What a funking rocking time! 🙂

Autographed Lyrics Born CD
My Autographed Lyrics Born CD ? 2016

So wonderful to kick it with my Peeps, meet new Peeps, and dance my thighs off! LOL… Lyrics Born puts on a true live show; I don’t think that man slowed the beat down for a second! Place was packed — at least it seemed that way from my tiny little dance box space in the front. No room to Puppy Tail! LOL… (Prolly a good thing. I tried to make up for it with my lungs. ?)

And thank you, Lyrics Born, for rockin’ out “Rock-Away” as one of your encores! *MWAH!* ? You! ? That’s my jam! *G*

Outstanding! Do try to catch Lyrics Born live if he comes to your area. I drove for 6 hours roundtrip and it was worth it. Plus, how fun was it to get a personally autographed CD! BWAHA! Don’t think I’ve done that since Mötley Crüe ages ago!

The only critique I have — as someone who’s been an onstage vocalist — Jackie’s mic needed to be turned up. ?

My Fellow Element Tattoo Peeps: We must do this LOTS. ?
Boots in the Air, Bitches! ?
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So, last Friday I had this dream:

My Twin Flame and I were talking, at at one point, he smiles, pulls out a chunk of amethyst from a pocket and says to me, “You gave this to me.” And I nodded in that, “Yes, I know, what is your point” kind of way. And he stressed it again, and pointed at me with it. “You gave this to me.” And I smiled back and gave him a look that asked, “Yes, I know… And what are you going to do about it?”

When I woke up, I looked up “Amethyst dreams” on the ever-so-handy Dream Moods Dictionary website:

Amethyst –
To see an amethyst in your dream signifies peace of mind and satisfaction in your professional and personal life. You are content with where you are in your life. It does not take much to make you happy.

And I thought, Hm. I give him peace of mind and satisfaction in all areas of his life. This isn’t new information for me; no wonder I didn’t seem surprised in the dream. (Yet now I can’t help but wonder if it’s information he is only just now starting to truly acknowledge and embrace. Hmmmm.)

So that’s kinda how I looked at the dream, until I discussed it with my sister, and she pointed out, “Yeah, but didn’t you give him a chunk of amethyst.”


I said, That’s what I said. In the dream, he said I gave him the amethyst he held in his hand.
My sister said, “No… Not that. I mean in real life. I remember you giving him a chunk of amethyst for his birthday or something.”
And after thinking about it, “Oh, shit. You’re right. I did. I’d forgotten. That adds a new layer to the dream.”

I actually have a few theories on what this dream could mean. Yet I think the first one mentioned above is still the most likely, with the addition of perhaps now, he is (finally!) “grasping” reality as he held the gift I’d given him in the palm of his hand. Pretty symbolic as well as literal. He held his hand — holding the amethyst I’d given to him — out to me in the dream (his right, which is the “Output” side.) He wasn’t returning it; he was showing me that he still had it, and I think he was also showing me that he was (now) wanting to return my gift in kind.

It’s interesting because amethyst is known for its protective properties, as well as providing emotional, spiritual, and physical calming, balance, patience, and peace.

Almost makes me wonder if he was telling me, “Patience, Grasshopper. All will be well. All will be as it should be, for what will be Will Be.”

Time will tell.