Fall Beginnings

*pushes past the rubble and looks around*

Don’t you just love it when Real Life becomes a bitch?

Last month was… Whoa. Suffice it to say that personal (annoying) drama took center stage and there ya have it. Not going to go into it because… Don’t know ya’ll. But likely many of you have been there, done that. #T-shirt.

Let’s just go with… Divorce and its aftermath in real life ain’t nothing like on Daytime Soaps. I know my preference is to not ever go through it again. (Of course, my preference wasn’t to go through it now either, but what can you do. C’est la vie.)
Anyway… I’m really happy to see this summer in my rearview.


With Fall approaching – the season of Death and Transformation – Hope returns, bringing with it the repeating number that hasn’t left me in what? Two years now?

Lots and lots of “10.26”.
The plus side, is that I finally have a deeper understanding of what that ever-revealing number means to me and what action I’m to take as a result.
3-Forks form 1 Road
What’s nice is that this time, I’ve the assist of another soul who sees the importance of what lies ahead and the need to get there.
Whether or not it works – although I feel in my heart that it will help in the Good Way – I don’t yet know, although “signs point to Yes.” However, the mutual love that drives the process has been wonderful to experience. I am glad this opportunity came about. I hope all positive goals are met during this journey. It is very heartening to not have to face this alone.

In the meantime, as school started and I am the working single Mom of Four exceptionally awesome kids; expect my blog updates to be less frequent. Plus I still have a couple of books I need to work on… *eyes plate*
Yep, looking pretty full. 😊

That said, I have a feeling that once the 10.26 comes to… Much else will fall into place.
*fingers crossed and pretty, pretty please, Universe*