Addendum to HMDDIM

Since I sent in my previous opinion letter, I was informed the current protest organizer is young, and therefore, less likely to have been present for the examples I listed.
That’s fine and good – then obviously that portion doesn’t necessarily apply to her. Regardless, the point remains.
I said what I said, and I’m not here for #NotAllProtestors. Those to whom it’s applicable in Lewistown (and in general) know damn well who they are.

And I’ll go deeper for those on the defense & denial bus:

Normally, I wouldn’t bother to respond to negative texts/emails/PMs/DMs… yet in the interest of better communication…

Yes. That’s tone-policing.

I’m not surprised I’m neither understood nor backed by white people in or around my Circle on this or any of the Black issues/racism I experience in Montana. This is due to the systemic racism (such as race color choices in 4th-grade behavior cards) that is innate in one’s upbringing and that expresses as passive-racism.

Just because people aren’t active in school administrations doesn’t mean they’re gone. Nor are the majority of the 4th-graders that woman taught through generations – including my own. They sit in that town, make the laws. Hell, are the Law. Play golf. Select cars. Vote for trump. Etc.

Everything about small towns “patriots” hold more precious than Black lives (and feelings) is saturated in systemic racism. I experienced it constantly.

So for you to text/email/PM/DM me my opinion was cruel and overly self-indulgent reads as you gaslighting.

Telling Black people their post was inappropriate? We voice our opinion at the time, and are absolutely entitled to express it.

Let me explain something to you:
This is Black folks’ business. If you can’t be quiet and listen, support, educate yourself, and learn… especially without getting triggered… Stay in your lane.

If viewpoints and communication to me were based my words triggering you, instead of you actually taking a moment to pay attention to what I wrote… that’s all on you.

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