Big Picture, People. Big Picture. Focus.

I try to avoid public discussion of political anything, yet shit’s become so damn ridiculous that even I feel compelled to add my two cents to the pile on America’s poker table.

Trump’s entire being is a lie, yet Clinton is The Liar. Because that’s unique in American politics.
The article here: is a good editorial. Everyone, regardless of their viewpoint, should at least read it. It makes several excellent points.

Look, the “V” in “vote” does not stand for vagina; I will not vote for someone simply because that candidate is a woman. That said, my brain implodes whenever I try to figure out why any female would ever back Trump, because I guarantee that the only thing Trump backs about women is for them to “back it up.” He is a douchebag asshole yet this is not news.

What’s important is for people to look at the Big and International Picture, that of a small fragment of time – a mere 4 years – and the damage the Annoying Orange Ignoramus can do to our nation on the global scale. No nation can afford to be alienated by its peers.

Think long and hard before you act.

You like Trump? Fine. Have him over to *your house* for a cookout and you all can bond about “what’s on his mind” all you want. Enjoy your junk food Cheetos on a small scale; just please recognize that daily Cheetos do not have nutritional value and is not qualified to sustain you over time. Just like that other puffy orange crisp that melts in your mouth because it has no substance; Trump is exceptionally unqualified to run *our* White House.

Unless you want to live in Third World country, vote and vote appropriately. Bitch all you want about Clinton before, during, and after the election process (I know she isn’t my special ray of sunshine) but vote for her. Four years will fly by before you know it and we’ll still be First World. And me? I like being First World.

Sanders supporters… C’mon, now. You’re supposed to be the smart ones? So don’t be stupid.

Americans should not cut off our nose to spite our face.

And that’s all I have to say about that. ? ?? ?

Author: StormCloud

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