Body by Wade, Pt. 2

There is something to be said for “retail therapy”.

I had 3 dents in my car that — let’s face it — could have been left alone (see: Body by Wade, Pt. 1.) The problem was that it affected me in a negative way each time I looked at those dents (well, at least 2 of them.) There’s a personal story behind each one. I’m not going to go into them here (cause again, I don’t know ya’ll) but I will say that emotions such as anger and neglect form the basis for each. If I didn’t get those dents fixed, I was going to need new teeth because I would grind the fuck out of my molars every time I looked at those superficial “dings”.

Hood... Before
Hood… Before *scowls*

And I knew this. I knew this going in when I visited with Wade (Courtesy Motors, Inc.) about getting these “problems” taken care of. Yet now, I’m still astonished at how free I feel when I look at my car now. That heinous and unwanted weight is off of me; I can breathe again. Wade, did you know that your mad crazy auto body skillz are a form of CPR? LOL… Who knew? What can I say, but fucking bonus! 😄

Hood... After
Hood… After 😀

See… One of the things I enjoy about working with Wade, is that he doesn’t piss on me and call it rain. (I really hate it when people piss on you and call it rain. I really do.) Nor did Wade act like he was doing me a “favor” for handling such a “small job”. (He’s pragmatic & smart like that. *G* – he knows money talks and bullshit runs a marathon and even lesser bills need to get paid, LOL.) My man gave me a verbal estimate upfront (cause we tight like that – Hm. Or maybe Wade does verbal for everyone, lol… I never thought to ask. Guess you’ll have to take your ride to him and see for yourself 😉) & it rolled as expected. No real surprises (I like that too 😆) – Although, apparently my car was a tad ornery about that rear bumper dent, which didn’t phase me because that dent had some bad juju attached to it; it had to go.)

Right Rear Bumper
Right Rear Bumper (before, top left corner) & After 🙂

Since Wade knew I’d need interim wheels, my man hooked a sistah up, yo! I now have a hardcore fangirl crush on the 2002 GMC Duramax ¾ ton crew cab truck. *swoon*

2002 GMC Duramax
2002 GMC Duramax
You’d think it’d be just like driving my Suburban, and in a way, it was… Yet at the same time… Not, lol.
Fuck, I love pickups! I’d forgotten how much fun they are! And that Duramax is a Beast! I’d just put a toe on the gas pedal and VRRRROOOM! POWWAH! (Yeah, baby! Me likey. LOL) It was also kinda funny though, cause I kept feeling like I needed to manually shift; it felt weird to drive a truck with an automatic transmission. Diesel was also amusing to me: You couldn’t pick a louder, more obnoxious, powerful, and stank ride. (Well, ya could, but work with me here, LOL. 😁) The diesel part… Yeah, I can live without diesel. But overall, that loaner… That was one of those moments when you feel like your friend has your back AND your number. Wade definitely got mine, LOL! 💙 you, Homeboy! 😁 That was most excellent of you! *G*
Left Passenger Door
Left Passenger Door, Before (bottom right corner) & After

Now, for you Peeps out there… The Duramax situation may or may not happen for you, you see, cause Wade and Courtesy Motors, Inc. and I have… history, LOL. And I’m pretty sure that me behind the wheel of that BEASTmobile was their own private joke. LMAO… And that’s totally okay with me, cause that shit was so much fun! 😁 But who knows. *shrugs* Again, take your ride in to them and see for yourself. 😇 (Just sayin’.) Oh, and tell ’em I sent you! LOL (wouldn’t that be a kick! – Say, Courtesy, would I get free oil changes if they did? 😉 Bwahaha…)

Now I just gotta avoid ice and trees and construction trucks and… 😉
Thanks again, Wade & Courtesy Motors, Inc. You rock. 😊

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