Repeating Numbers

1026 Collage
The number “5” chases me today (in forms of 555 and 1414, etc.) and so we revisit this topic. Because 5 isn’t the only number I’m seeing repeated; it’s the answer to a question swimming in my mind all day. And the question has very much to do with this number: 1026

I posted this on Instagram, Facebook, and I’m posting it here: Interesting about Repeating Numbers… How some people insist it’s your brain bringing it to the fore, like when you get a pink car and then suddenly start noticing all the pink cars on the road. Or when you’re ready to have a baby and suddenly notice all the pregnant and or new moms about.

I can see in some instances where that premise could apply.
That said, it wasn’t my brain telling someone from the high school to call at 10:26 a.m. to tell me that my daughter’s diploma is in the office (why this wasn’t mentioned to her before the last day of school…. 😐). Or for me to receive a text from a friend the night before… At 10:26 p.m.

Or even better… When my Sacred Peeps got sick of my rationalizing why I saw certain repeating numbers on license plates so instead literally spelled it flat-out for me (on a license plate. Hint: It started with a “W” – and yeah, I took a pic of those too, but won’t be sharing here today 😜). Just saying.

Now, I happen to know what the repeated 1026 means for me, at least on some levels. And I’m certain that whatever’s involved with 1026, it has multiple applications (because god forbid 1026 to keep things simple and to the left… hasn’t before; why start now?).

Just pay close attention to the thoughts immediately before, after, and during seeing your repeated number pattern(s). Usually, the numerological meaning of the number will be your answer, or look it up on Sacred Scribes. Also, don’t rule out that the number very may well be a “who” rather than a “what” – pay attention to whether or not you run into someone whose birthday is that number or whose house number is that number, or digits of their phone number, etc. I’ll see “1026” repeatedly and find myself seeing him the next day or so. Or I’ll get a text or call. In this regard, the number repeat is being used as a simple “heads-up”.

If you share a strong connection with that person, it could also mean that they’re thinking of you at that time as well (who knows, they might be seeing your relevant repeat number at the same time as you see theirs), or that they’re going through some intense stuff at home and/or work (and if you had a normal relationship with them, be it friendship or otherwise, this would be a sign to call them or shoot them a text to see how they’re doing). (Here’s a good blog post about it.)

At any rate, I’m not one to dismiss noticing repeated numbers as something by brain triggered. I’ve seen what happens when one brushes off a whisper from the Universe (hint: sledgehammer).

So pay attention. And if you ever find yourself asking yourself, “What are you doing?” whilst loading up your vehicle with someone else’s possessions, put the box down. That’s your answer, your “sign” from the Universe right there. If you ignore it, you’ll find yourself on a karmic loop that may or may not give you an easy out. The fact that you were having “second thoughts”, “cold feet”, was your chance to be rewarded for your past efforts. You ignore that window of opportunity, it could take years before it opens to you again – if it ever does.

The down side is when you see the repeated number(s) and recognize it for the sign that it is… And know you can’t do a damn thing about it anyway. This is where patience comes in handy. If it’s Meant to Be, it Will Be… even if the original timeline gets pushed back or otherwise delayed. Of course, then other choices come into play, but that’s for a different post. 😉


The Universe is all of time and space and its contents. It includes planets, moons, minor planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, and all matter and energy. The size of the entire Universe is unknown.

The above quote is from WikiPedia.
I see the Universe as a metaphor for our mind and its potential. And yet, the more I expect minds to open and expand as we head into future days, the more walls I come up against.

And I don’t get it. I do not understand it when I run into caged minds because to me, it boils down to this simple essence: Without communication, without even trying, how do you know?

I find this caged thought process sad and ultimately boring. Where’s the fun in having no sense of Belief?

Let’s say this is the only life you live. Then why confine yourself in the shadows of single viewpoints? Why not seek knowledge if you have none? Clarity –multilevel clarity– can be so simple to attain. Negative feelings can be banished by open communication; why remain under a cloud of misunderstanding? Even if you don’t agree, open communication gives another a chance to see your view and perhaps embrace it.

You don’t know until you try, and why not try? It might change nothing; it might change everything. But at least you’ll gain knowledge.

And Knowledge… is Power and Power is Energy, and Energy is the Universe, and that… Matters.

It’s 2017.

Limbo Dance
Get Low…
Figured I needed to update since it’s been a while.
But I’m in limbo.

Not this…
That would be cool.
(I still couldn’t do it, but life would be so much less crazy.)

More like… this:

As January 20th approaches, my original relocation concept as depicted here:

Map 2 BZ
Relocation Plan A
has changed.

Now I’m thinking, maybe…
Oh… Somewhere around…

Google Sky - Galaxies
“There’s No Place Like Home?” (Pick a galaxy, any galaxy.)

That’s all I got for now. Might just have to shutdown and reboot after waiting a little bit. Like maybe four years.