Done, son

45 racist Pocahontas statement This surreal bullshit right here is why I no longer just gossip about TV shows and celebs on Twitter, or Facebook, for that matter. Seriously, I used Facebook to play Farmville and frivolously chat and/or talk smack about my favorite shows, books, movies and Brad Pitt. πŸ’…πŸΎ

And I even did so while the first Black President of the United States held office. For eight Obama years, I put up with racist crap in my town under the fake as fuck claim of “politics.” (Tea Party, anyone?)

Bitching about Bush (pick one or both), Clinton, and any president in years past – that was politics. The unbelievable micromanaging and sabotage done to Obama’s administration – that was (still is) racist. Made even more clear (as if that was necessary to those in the know) by the statements made after the fact, during the 2016 election:
“Obama ruined race relations in the U.S.” and “What are you complaining about? We had/voted for a Black man for president.” (Shades of “I’m not racist; I have a Black friend.”)

But I’m fucking well past done with this horrific Administration and the House and the way both are pissing on ALL Americans. I was well past done with people in power targeting PoC and women before I was born. But this methodical and irresponsible destruction of everything a Black man put in place (within the confines of a racist AF House) for no other reason than because Obama did it (seriously, how old are these motherfuckers in the White House and Senate?) and God forbid, tried to help people (and yes, we know it wasn’t perfect; see “confines of racist AF House”), is narcissistic, sociopathic, white-supremacist insanity and it’s destroying our country.

I’m not a big fan of politics; never have been. I enjoy using social media to doink around, snark, laugh and gossip. I was perfectly fine frolicking about my life without a political care in the world – even when George W. was in office. (Although I bitched about him and still do cause 9/11). I bitched about Bush,
yet at the same time, wasn’t actually terrified that he was destroying our country from the inside-out.

I actually resent the fact that 45 and his ChumpTools administration force me to step outside my comfort zone. I hate that I actually know who senators are now. I greatly dislike that rather than chill with a great Kresley Cole novel, I’m leaving messages in Washington D.C. voicing my ever-growing and apparently never fucking ending concerns!

More than anything, I hate that I feel the impact and consequent ripple effect of 45’s innate misogyny and racism in my town, my state, my country. And I hate that I see how many just ignore it or dismiss it. Or worse, normalize it.

Since my voice isn’t permitted to be via the local paper (cause yeah, “politics” πŸ™„), I’m going to share it across what media I can. I’ve never been one to live in a bubble with my head in the sand and my mouth shut. And, most importantly, my kids agree they’d rather their Mom speak out against wrongs than play it safe and quiet.

So… Even though I don’t post here often, my Facebook – like my Twitter for some time now – is about to πŸ›‘ being all sunshine, rainbows and offspring.
Won’t let it slide anymore; this is My country too. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
#SilenceIsRacism #Privilege

Erasing History

I really don’t want to hear one more exclamation about the erasing of “our history” with statue/monument removal.

I remember well the disturbing, pathetic, shameful lack of information in my school textbooks.

Slave auction
Slave auction: Forcibly dividing families, willful dehumanization of people based on skin color and origin.
The summarized paragraph or two of Native and African American history versus chapters upon chapters of European history. I knew more about the French Revolution, the Spanish Inquisition, as a youth in the US education system, yet “Roots” and the forced sterilization of Native American women was a vacant slot until older.

Girl by tipi
Young girl stands beside tipi.
There is no need to continue to honor symbols of oppression. Put the damn things in a museum, because let’s not be doomed to repeat. Recall that these are things that venerate those who erased literal human beings.

If you complain about erasure, you don’t know what erasure means. So, yeah. Just have a seat.

Sound of Silence

MLK - Silence is Betrayal
“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemy, but the silence of our friends.”
(On so many levels this applies.😐)
After Friday’s markers in the sand, I wish to bring your attention again to the image (above). While it continues to apply on multiple levels, this time, allow me to narrow the focus.

Montana is My Home. My very name is part of Montana’s maps. My children are born and raised Montanans. I pay taxes, I own property. I travel Montana’s roads and highways with joy and appreciation for its vast, spiritual and magical places. I get to view cattle, sheep, horses, bison and the Crazy Woman Mountains, on my way to visit loved ones in just one of Montana’s other towns. I don’t have to be told “good luck” – I live it daily. I am blessed 406 ways and counting and I am ever grateful.

That said, I am done with enablers.

I am done with putting up with passive-aggressive, contemplative side looks from strangers in my own community.
The last 8 months brought more people showing racist and supremacist colors (in particular, the last few weeks) direct and sidelong to me than in the decade I’ve lived in Lewistown, the more than 20 years I’ve lived in Montana, and the more than 40+ years I’ve been alive.

If you don’t like it but don’t know who to ask, ask me. I’m happy to take your sincere question to help evolve positive growth and change. I won’t write you off as racist just because you seek true knowledge and hope to gain understanding, strengthen your empathy.

Recognize and Evaluate your Empathy, because I appreciate those who put forth genuine effort to at least try. Recognize that my opinions are my own and I do not speak for all Black people (because that would be ridiculous); I can only share based on my own direct and indirect experiences. While I am in no way anyone’s “token,” I do recognize the reality that PoC (and LGBTQ, for that matter) are few and far between in our Big Sky state with its 1 million people. I can see how it could be difficult to have a fair discussion amongst people without having some sort of representation of said people.

However, I am done with lip-service.

“Talk is cheap and bullshit runs a marathon.”

You are all supposed to be my friends in our community. I should be able to rely on your support as you should be able to rely on mine.

I should NOT have to fear walking my dog alone on the trail because I don’t know whether friend or foe approaches.
I should NOT feel I need anonymity, strip my car of all personalization because I don’t want those who feel I’m not human because my skin is brown to recognize me and mine by vehicle.
I should NOT feel grateful for being able to park my car in my garage because it hides my family’s brown identity from those who would do us harm.
Those I call “Friend” should NOT be okay or complacent with ANY of those above-mentioned items.

Small towns should be havens, not hell.

Let me be clear:
I am not now nor ever have been Prey.

Whether skin color, LGBTQ, religion, financial status, political affiliation, it is un-American for others to even think that it’s acceptable to make people feel that way.

No true alpha Leader allows others of their nation to feel as Prey.

On Friday and these last few weeks, Trump and his administration showed their hand. He made his stance on skin color, sexual identity, religious preference and the very laws that make up America’s fabric unequivocally clear. He removed any possible common ground. And his rigid, divisive, racist-supremacist stance is absolutely unacceptable in anyone, in particular the President of the United States.

I hope that this post will help cut through any confusion and bring it a level you all can relate to personally; imagine if you were brought to the point where you felt this post was necessary. How would you feel?

I am glad for my friends and neighbors and the relationships I’ve nurtured over the years. I want to stay that way. Let’s make it so. 😊