Light Pink Candles

I work with candles daily and then some. One of the things I’ve noticed as time passes is that it’s become more and more difficult to find LIGHT pink candles that are solid in color throughout AND unscented.

Light pink taper candle - Caspari
Light pink taper candle – Caspari
Dark pink, hot pink… one trips over. Light pink that’s just a veneer over white, no problem (except, not exactly what’s needed.) Light pink but scented in all kinds of nose-wrinkling aromas? Abundantly.

I really don’t care for my house to smell like gardenia. Or faux-rose. Or plumeria. Or whatever the hell is in that would-have-been-a-perfect candle.

Caspari (pictured) makes just the right light pink candle with solid color throughout and it’s unscented. (Here’s a box of 12 on Amazon.) However… it only comes in taper. No charm (aka chime.) No pillar. No tea light. No votive. Forget about natural beeswax (which would be perfect; that honey aspect works beautifully.)

ETA: The light pink of the “Petal Pink” Caspari candle exactly matches the pink of my rose quartz sphere and angel. ?

Caspari petal pink candle
Caspari “Petal Pink” 12″ taper candle with clear and rose quartz angels & spheres and amber egg

I feel like Seinfeld: “What is the deal?”

So if you know of a good place to buy such a candle, please let me know in the comments, cause this is ridiculous.

Thank you! ? ?

Chase Me

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
I’m an Aries Sun Sign. One aspect of Aries that comes up when reading about Aries and our connections with others, is that Aries is all about The Chase and less about what comes after.

While this may be true about many Aries — Aries is all about The Initiative — it isn’t true for me. If anything, the opposite is what holds me; I couldn’t be less interested in “The Chase”. I hate it.

It’s difficult enough to actually recognize and meet a kindred, and seek to share and explore that Connection. Only to have “The Chase” conflict? Hate that. I find it to be a complete waste of time and energy and it isn’t interesting in the slightest. Why?

Horse to Carrot
“The Chase”
Because I’m all about the true and actual Connect itself, and the Journey and Communication therein, not the chase that leads up to the Connected Journey. I’m about the carrot, not the stupid string that holds it just out of reach. It’s the carrot itself that’s satisfying, not the constant hope of getting one.

I can see how some aspects of “chasing” someone could be considered appealing,

Horse to Carrot
The Chase
but overall, I think that those who are more interested in the chase than they are the person are cheating themselves and the one they’re pursuing. Think about it: How can THIS…

possibly be more fulfilling…

than THIS?

I has carrots!
I Has Carrots!
Yeah, Baby. That’s what I’m talking about! Num-nums… Good.
To me, there’s no comparison.And I just cannot understand those who think chasing after someone is more thrilling the actual genuine reception of that someone.

For me, it’s all about The Embrace, not the chase.

Know It All?

More often than not, it’s really cool to have a fine-tuned Intuition.

While it hasn’t helped me win any lotteries (for real, what’s up with that? Boo!), I do find it helpful when facing difficult life choices.

I’ve had several of those over the last 4 years or so (faced difficult life choices), and definitely applied the foreknowing I was graced with to help me make very hard decisions.

Yet… nothing turned out as expected.
WTF and Why?

Yeah… because I forgot to factor in something crucial when said choices/decisions involve (or may involve) others: Their own Free Will Choices.

So I made tough calls based on certain “Promises” that would have happened just as foretold had the others involved chose wisely.

Left or Right?
Left? Or Right?
Suffice it to say, they did not.
I don’t know whether or not it was a desperation thing, a starving thing, an “O Ye of Little Faith” thing, or what… But each time, when I expected them to take the Left, they went Right.

Even when I stood there flashing neon signs and arrows pointing to the Left… Those self-detrimental, stubborn, unbelievably are you kidding me Peeps went Right. Each. Freaking. Time.

And it took a long while for me to realize that yes, they really did go the wrong way. By choice. And yes, the future as I had seen it no longer applied. And even that future gaped after them for quite some time in disbelief, held hope they’d realize the error, and turn back, take the correct route this time.


So now, that foreknown, foretold future is scrambling to redirect, reroute, and correct itself (kinda like when one messes with Google’s navigation app on their cell phone) so that the things that truly are Meant to Happen still do.

Eye of Storm
Eye of Storm
Yet the ripple effect of that one person’s Right instead of Left is quite something to experience… Time shifts, delays occur, roles are swapped out with alternate soul mates so that karma can both be restored and readjusted accordingly. So that That Which Is Meant to Be Will Be.

And that’s where I stand now, in the eye of the Universe storm as it rises to arrange things to the new fit.

Eye of Storm
Eye of Storm

On the one hand –– when I look at it objectively –– it’s been a fascinating thing to watch, to experience. On the other, fucking sucks! Still, I’m curious to see what’s revealed to me once the dust settles.

I’ve felt the sensation of a “spoiler alert”; first last September(ish), then once last month, and it’s been even stronger this month. Gives the feeling that the dust has, in fact, settled, and that Something Exceptional This Way Comes. Soon, I should think, based on the strength of that strange, new, overlapping, Positive Energy. And… I “was Born Ready”. Bring It. ?

Rainbows After Storm
Rainbows After Storm (Yellowstone National Park, 2010) by I-Ting Chiang