Dreams of Clouds by Freelancah
Dreams of Clouds by Freelancah
I’m fascinated by dreams and the fact that we have them at all.
I love that through dreams, our soul is released to once again mingle in Universal Knowledge, tapping into it to bring us what we need in ways that our current limited forms can process and handle. Message transport to and from the Universe is huge in dreaming. (Which is very cool!)

Dreams can be amazing tools to utilize once awake. Dreams that are repetitive, that stay with you when others do not, that seem exceptionally clear and “real” (HD!) are especially important to pay attention to and learn from.

Dreams help us filter through what we might not otherwise be able to work through when we’re awake so that it can more quickly be moved into the “handled and done” section of our lives. Dreams can show us potential futures (near & far) and the paths to take to get there.

A good website to get some basic definitions is Dream Moods. It can help you with the gist. Discussing dreams with friends is a good way to help decipher more involved, detailed dreamology. Your own intuition, however, I find to be the best interpreter.

Anyway, love dreaming. ? ?

Author: StormCloud

"Caught a Bolt of Lightningāš”Cursed the Day He Let It Go šŸŽ¶" - Nothingman, Pearl Jam