Future Days

You came deep as any ocean
Did something out there hear?

10:26 PM (and naturally it would be 10:26 😝)

So I tried living “Present Tense” and Fail.
I’m just not a past or present type of person. Yes, I look into the past periodically, as needed, and yes, obviously I live in the present. But all my senses prefer to leap ahead. Take “spoiler alerts” and sneak peeks around the corner to look at future days.

And hey, as luck would have it, Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam wrote a song for that too.

Pearl Jam (2013)
Pearl Jam (2013)

So persistent in my ways
Hey Angel I am here to stay
No resistance, no alarms
Please, this is just too good to be gone

I believe
And I believe cause I can see
Our future days
Days of you an me

“I believe and I believe cause I can see.” — It’s true.

coffee & cornbread
Coffee & Cornbread, breakfast of champions
And after what happened on Loving Day, June 12, I’d rather look at and try to distinguish from multiple potential futures –– clear or fogged –– because frankly, they’re easier on the eyes than trying to make sense out of nonsensical hate.

You see the kind of things I mull over as I eat breakfast in the mornings?

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