It’s 2017.

Limbo Dance
Get Low…
Figured I needed to update since it’s been a while.
But I’m in limbo.

Not this…
That would be cool.
(I still couldn’t do it, but life would be so much less crazy.)

More like… this:

As January 20th approaches, my original relocation concept as depicted here:

Map 2 BZ
Relocation Plan A
has changed.

Now I’m thinking, maybe…
Oh… Somewhere around…

Google Sky - Galaxies
“There’s No Place Like Home?” (Pick a galaxy, any galaxy.)

That’s all I got for now. Might just have to shutdown and reboot after waiting a little bit. Like maybe four years.

Author: StormCloud

"Caught a Bolt of Lightningāš”Cursed the Day He Let It Go šŸŽ¶" - Nothingman, Pearl Jam