Proud Mom Moment

I am blessed with four exceptional children, each of whom possesses innate creative and artistic talent.

It’s been truly fun and fascinating to witness the spark and growth of each individual talent, to see how it translates throughout each of my four kids. For now, I’m going to talk about my daughters.

I spend a lot of the time I take when shown my girls’ art journals exclaiming things like, “Wow! That would be an awesome tattoo!” or “Oh, man! That would make such an awesome and excruciating tattoo, but it would be so bad-ass once the pain part was over!” (Except for many of those drawings –– usually in ink –– the sheer detail involved would call for multiple sessions, and usually an expanse of skin requiring a lot of space, like one’s back… & I learned through personal experience that I am not a fan of the healing stage of back tattoos! So hard to reach!)

Both of my girls are award-winning artists. *fist bumps their father, Dan*

That said, my younger daughter worked on a piece for a “Say No to Drugs” art campaign that struck me so hard, I just may send it to various “Say No” places around the country and suggest they incorporate it as their logo. It won second place (her sister nabbed first) and I feel it gets its message across right between one’s eyes.

"Behind the Mask" - art by Mina Brunkhorst
“Behind the Mask” – art by Mina Brunkhorst

That stunning inked artwork is the Voice of my Baby Girl, and I couldn’t be more proud.
I love you, Mina. *hugs*

Now Girls, let me take another look at those dragon drawings… ?

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