Scorpio, How I Love Thee

Scorpio Horoscope
for March 21, 2016

You may be nurturing an old regret, Scorpio. This means you could be going back over an old “failure” again and again in your mind, and wondering what life would be like if you had done something differently. That doesn’t really matter though, because you cannot change the past. The only power you have is in the here-and-now. The only way you can make your life better is to concentrate on the present moment and what you can accomplish now. You have the power to turn an old regret into a new dream.

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(Horoscope points to You, Mr. Knows To Whom I Refer. *arches an eyebrow*)

I admit it: I have Mad Love for Scorpios.

It could be because I’m “part Scorpio” (Rising & Moon) yet that’s not entirely it. It’s more likely because of the unique sympatico that still exists between Aries and Scorpio, formed way back when we shared the same ruling planet (Mars). Whatever it may be… I can’t help but love the fact that (with few exceptions – et hem, again, points to You, Mr. Knows To Whom I Refer. *arches an eyebrow*) one always knows where one stands with Scorpio. The Scorpio Will is like nothing else… ever. The power it packs, along with its punch… It’s one of those, gotta experience it to believe it. I love it… it’s like… Aries with a Lid On It. LOL… Or something. Me, whenever I meet Scorpio, I instantly think “Volcano”, and then… “Cooooool.” 😊

Yet here’s the crux: That Will can also be Scorpio’s downfall because it can cause self-detrimentation like nothing else… ever. It’s because one Scorpio decides something… Swaying that decision is damn near impossible. It’s almost as though Scorpio isn’t Fake… with everyone but themselves because they Willed something to be so.

Emperor's New Clothes
The Emperor’s New Clothes
The other possibility is that because of the Power Scorpio exudes, it’s almost like those around that Scorpio are too intimidated to say anything even when Scorpio’s Will is hurting himself (or herself). “Emperor’s New Clothes” come to mind. This silence, refusal of those around Scorpio to say anything bothers me tremendously because it feels very disloyal and smacks of false-friendship. (Which might very well be why Scorpio tolerates and gives more leeway to Aries than just about any other sign — because we’re Bold, True, and Devoted and willing to risk angering our Scorpio to help them help themselves. Scorpio owns malicious, intimately, and knows Aries does nothing to Scorpio with that intent.)

I see Scorpio, and I think… Ocean. Wonderful, magickal, misunderstood, so deep, profound, and fascinating. And this Fire sign just wants to wade in and allow that strong, healing water to go over my head, see how far I get, how deep, how low. Would I learn to adapt, breathe in that water? Or will I need periodic air breaks? That question alone keeps me so occupied! I just want to see… Want the chance to see…

Fire in Ocean Depths
Fire in Ocean Depths

We’ll see…

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