So Seven Lately…

I’ve started a 7 Year, which is actually a blessing for me after the sheer fucking HELL of the last two years – the first a 5 Year, the second a 33 Year – and look forward to the chance to feel less emotion and more introspection as this year goes on.

Now that February is closing out into March (thank god), moving the year further away from last year’s 33 influence and settling more firmly into the 7, I find it easier to think. Easier to plan. Easier to entertain thoughts I might not have considered otherwise.

When advised to “think outside the box” when musing job possibilities, for example, I thought that meant to look outside of nursing. Now I realize it means to look outside of Lewistown. To release my grip on the steering wheel and take the passenger seat for a while… to some extent; rest while contemplating the road map of my life, my future. And to give my Intuition a chance to steer.

2004 MT Road Atlas, pg. 60
2004 MT Road Atlas, pg. 60
In about 2004, this map gave strong guidance. Yet now, I’m leaning more towards Southwest Montana; I’d be surprised if Great Falls rang any bells at this point. With all the changes that happened in my life since then, those circled “safe zones” may no longer apply, and in fact, for me, it feels like they too, moved. The future is a fluid and dynamic entity, strongly based on the free will decisions and actions of multitudes, and one. It truly is fascinating (even if sometimes frustrating) to witness the ripple effect of a single person’s decision or indecision, and how it then effects another’s and another’s.

Right now, I feel like I’m riding the wave caused by one person’s free will decision that rippled its effect into my own life; how it overlapped and changed the shape of what was and what could have been… Currently, it’s still a ripple, still a wave, yet once it subsides, it will reveal something new in its wake. And what I choose to do with that something new, will create its own ripples.

That’s why it’s so very important to choose wisely.

The energy of the 7 year is less about action and more about observing, taking note, planning… Working from within as opposed to without. Force does not work well in a 7 year. And for once, this Mars-ruled Aries is okay with that. For I am utterly exhausted from the chaos and strife of the last two previous years.

I know this year isn’t going to be lying in a hammock on a beach somewhere, sipping from a frosted glass with a festive umbrella sticking out of it. I have a feeling it’ll be more like… Curled up in a window seat snuggled in a blanket with a good (Kresley Cole, Julie Harrington, Thea Harrison, or Penelope Williamson) book as snow or rain falls (gently or storming) from a grey cloudy sky. Escaping to the inside of one’s head like Mercury in Pisces (which I happen to have, in retrograde). When emotions aren’t running roughshod over you, sometimes it’s the perfect place to be, to heal, until it’s time to face the next, 8 year.

Author: StormCloud

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