How much difference does it make?

People of Lewistown, of Central Montana:

My older son texted me today that Lewistown community members were protesting on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s nice to hear that people are showing care… now.

Where was this care when I, alone, protested Blackface in elementary school wax museums (2012). When I, alone, protested the use of race colors in 4th-grade behavior systems (~2010). When I, alone, protested books with the word “nigger” being permitted during Lewistown Schools’ school-sanctioned events (“Family Fun Reading Night”, ~2008).

Eleven years I lived in Lewistown. Eleven years I fought alone. Only I stepped outside of a comfort zone. Only my voice made any sound.
I no longer live in Lewistown; in that respect, Lewistown’s innate, systemic racism won whilst the people of Lewistown lost.

So yes, it’s bittersweet to hear Lewistown’s community is, finally, protesting against racism. However, talk is cheap, and systemic racism is a marathon. 

It’ll be interesting to see if Lewistown and Central Montana can go the distance. I hope, for your own sake, you can.

Long road ahead… photo by StormCloud

Black Lives Matter: then, now, and always. ✊🏾


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