Onward & Upward

Took a needed break from my blog as I dealt with offline life. Lot of painful Tower card moments -โ˜‡- but sometimes that’s how it rolls in order for one to get forward momentum, especially when so many blocks are stacked or chained to you, entrapment in what no longer serves you in the Good Way.

Betrayals and Soul-wounding, – breaking, from those who once vowed, “I would never.”

But it’s okay. Catalysts are often painful. And I made it through; moved myself and my kids from an intensely negative environment into a so much better one for us.

New town (city), new home, new job, new Life. Even a new (to me) car, because apparently my Sacred Peeps are thoroughly hardcore about my fresh start ๐Ÿ˜:

My new-to-me 2011 Sweet Suburban ride.

Also, a new outlook, as I let go of the pain and grip of the last 5-6 years, and live in my Present with an eye on my Future, returning to My Self.

Like the Phoenix, I Rise. You can’t keep a Good Woman down. โœจ

Phoenix Rising, a Kimri tattoo, Element Tattoo, Bozeman, Montana.

But… At an immeasurable cost on the physical plane – the “3D” to those in the Know: my Twin Flame (Re)union. The Karmic won. My Truth, my warnings, fell on deaf ears, blinded eyes, and to my infinite shock, my TF chose the fool’s gold in the hand, instead of taking a risk on a 24k future.

And it’s taken a while for me to recover from that blow; I’m still healing, over a year later. Yet I still struggled, because I made promises, vows. How to fulfill them with such a jagged, harsh, negative fracture between us? How could I possibly tell him he is forgiven?

The 5D. I’ve been working on it. Working to fulfill my end of the sacred bargain, because at the end of the day, it’s my Soul I see when I look in the mirror. I don’t renege.

Then I stumbled upon this video on YouTube:

Twin Flame Revolution: Why you don’t have to wait for your Twin Flame.

So, I’m okay. I’m better than okay, and improving – gaining Strength – by the second. I have Me, my Kids, my Dog. I have Everything. Life is Good and I am Blessed. Thank You. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒŸ

See you in the 5D, Starshine. Peace.๐Ÿ’ซโœŒ๐Ÿพโ˜ฎ๏ธ


“Inside Job”… It’s All About Pearl Jam Today

Pearl Jam (2006)
Pearl Jam (2006) “avocado” album
Another Pearl Jam (and I cannot stress enough just how much I love this band) song that My Post-Divorce Self relates to strongly (this last week in particular):
Inside Job

Underneath this smile lies everything
all my hopes, anger, pride and shame

make yourself a pact, not to shut doors on the past
just for today… I am free

I will not lose my faith
It’s an inside job today

I know this one thing well…

I used to try and kill love, it was the highest sin
breathing insecurity out and in

Searching hope, I’m shown the way to run straight
pursuing the greater way for all… human light.

How I choose to feel… Is how I am.
How I choose to feel… Is how I am.

I will not lose my faith
It’s an inside job today

Holding on, the light of night
On my knees to rise and fix my broken soul


Let me run into the rain
To be a human light again

Let me run into the rain
To shine a human light today

Life comes from within your heart and desire
Life comes from within my heart and desire
Life comes from within your heart and desire

For Twin Flames, recognize: #InsideJob
Twin Flame Inside Job.

Recognize that if you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t believe in anything.
And that’s all I have to say about that (for now).