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You ever have one of those days when you look around at your life and it suddenly feels like this?

Life's Road
Life’s Road

You’re walking along your Life’s Path, and suddenly you notice that the road before you doesn’t appear as bright and shining as it did mere moments ago. Where did all this fog come from and what does it mean for you?

I get in that “Dafuq?” headspace quite a bit. It usually happens when your own Life Path crosses over or otherwise has some kind of impact with another’s Life Path… and that person (or persons) doesn’t take the expected route to go forward. It’s almost as though the fog is a cover (pun?) for The Powers That Be to scramble for the “reset” button to amend your own Road accordingly.

This theory doesn’t make it any less annoying when it occurs, however. Especially when you’re at that Oh, so close! point in your Timeline. To have to backpedal or scramble for your footing can be a real bitch. And that’s when you have to remind yourself that When something happens is as important as What in your Life Road. Sometimes there’s a reason for the fog, the delay. Sometimes that delay saves you from a worse happenstance (for example: You’re about to take a road trip, yet wind up leaving your house thirty minutes later than planned, only to come across a car accident that could have been you had you actually left on time.)

I took the following photo two years ago, when I was out walking with my fabulous dog, Kemah. (I spend a lot of time looking at the sky when I walk my dog. Montana isn’t the “Big Sky” state for nothing.) I remember seeing the brightness of that November sun, and thinking it represented “Hope”. Just something about it at the time coincided directly with my thoughts (not going to share them; personal) at that moment.

However, like a pendulum, right now I find myself back in that head fog, wondering “where to go from here”. With no particular emphasis on any direction at the moment, I guess I’ll just keep walking and focus on that action of placing one foot in front of the other, then repeat. But since it’s harder to see, I think in the interest of self-preservation, I’ll slow down a bit… Give that sunshine a chance to come back. ☀️
Good thing I live in a state of love & trust. ? ?

Walking Towards the Sun (Love Clears)
Walking Towards the Sun (Love Clears)

ETA on 05/05/2016: 4:44 PM
Yesterday (05/04/2016) evening, I took these pictures while with Kemah on our nightly walk. I have to say, I’ve lived in many places in Montana (Southwest to way Eastern), and Central Montana’s Sky is truly the most spectacular I’ve seen. Looking at the setting sun reminded me of this post, so of course I had to share. (Click the photo for it’s larger version.) ?

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