Twin Flames via Steven Universe

Steven_Universe – on Cartoon Network (or in my cable-free case, Amazon Instant Video.)

For the unaware, my 4 kids (7, 10, 14, & 17) got me into this awesome animated TV show. It has everything: Crystals, magic, aliens, mixed-race kids, a surprisingly diverse tiny beach town… And most importantly, it has one of my new favorite characters EVER: “Garnet”.

Garnet Fusion
Garnet Fusion by Ryckfox

Spoiler Alert (for those who haven’t yet watched the show)!
Garnet is the embodiment of Twin Flames. On the show, this embodiment is called “Fusion”. Now, while many of the Crystal Gems can fuse at any time, and for unspecified amounts of time, Garnet is unique in that the Gems that create her fused self prefer to stay fused all the time. Unique to the other Rubies and Sapphires of their kind, Garnet’s Ruby & Sapphire recognized each other as Kindred, and in one spontaneous moment, fused… realizing then that when combined, they were more powerful and could do more in the Good Way united than apart.

Garnet Fusion
Made of Love
And I love how Garnet – herself – consists of Fire (hot) and Water (cold) fused together by Intense Love for each other as individuals; the only way to express and show that Love is by Fusion. Ruby shows everything — every feeling, every emotion, setting her world on fire; Sapphire hides it, pushes it down, and freezes herself and everything around her — yet both Gems (a euphemism for Soul?) are the same. (Very poignant for me as my Twin Flame “Fusion” seems to be a lifetime opportunity wasted at this point.)

I have to admit, the show is surprisingly profound and I love how matter-of-fact it reveals how Love is the base for all; sexuality, skin color, race, ethnicity, etc, isn’t the concern because bodies are but shells.

Now my kids and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for forever for the show to continue (WTF?)… And Amazon’s Instant Video setup is particularly bizarre for how it separates the seasons and episodes (don’t get my eldest started.) I hope it gets back online (so to speak) very soon.

Author: StormCloud

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