We Has Kitty! ?

So Saturday, after a mad-dash to Billings and back, we welcomed Xena into our home. ?

Even though my eldest didn’t find her soul-kitty, can’t even begin to describe how ridiculously ecstatic my daughters are.

Mina’s kitty, Xena

Her medical background is sketchy (“she was my brother’s girlfriend’s cat”) so suffice it to say, I promptly called our vet and scheduled her for full exam, shots, and we’ll see if she needs spaying or not (apparently whether Xena was spayed or not was debatable) because if she isn’t, that gets done pronto.

She’s supposedly somewhere around 1-2 years old; I can’t get over how tiny she is. A dainty li’l flower. I’d say it was weird having a cat again after so long without any, except all she does is sleep on a bed somewhere in a kid room, so I never see her. LOL… Easy enough. ?

Nevertheless, welcome, Xena! And her new name/owner tag is on its way!

Author: StormCloud

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