That’s what I was doing when I learned Prince passed through the Veil… And for a moment, everything stopped. I turned on my heel, marched into my office like a robot, and switched from whatever playlist I was blasting through my speakers to hear over my vacuuming and picked 1 artist:


It will be All Prince All Day today, and this one… This one is personal.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out my favorite Prince tunes… and damn. I’m struggling. So many to choose from.

Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Aside from the entire Purple Rain soundtrack – an album I wore out repeatedly… “Sexy M.F.” (1992), “Gett Off” (1991)… I was around 10 years old when I first heard “Little Red Corvette” and who isn’t familiar with “1999” (1982)? And of course “Controversy” (1981), “Delirious” (1983). First slow-dance to “Purple Rain”, you kidding? Memories!

Prince’s music helped shaped who I am today.

For Prince... Thank you.
For Prince… Thank you.
Prince… Thank you for sharing your creative genius with us all; you are amazing. Truly, “Nothing Compares 2 U”.

Damn, Girl. Got Mad Skillz!

My 14-year-old did it again!

Mina sketched this self-portrait for art class last week. She says it looks like “Future Me”; Mina at 20, maybe. I get what she’s saying. It looks just like her, but Mina managed to capture how her soul has been on this block before. LOL…

SKILLZ! My kid’s got Mad Skillz, yo! ?
Trying not to do the Pride thing too hard, failing miserably, LOL…

Mina self-portrait 2016
Mina: Self Portrait