Deadpool ??

Deadpool Happy Ending poster
Deadpool – A Happy Ending (2016)

That was so much fun. ?

Thank you, Homegirls 3 for joining me. Feels very weird to leave a movie in the daylight though, especially a movie like that one. LOL… And apparently we missed a hailstorm in town whilst viewing the film.

Was it worth the money? Yes.
Also making it worth the money? The additional humor I can now share with my incredible teen daughters. (“For you, 10!”?)

Will definitely be adding it to my (X-Men) Amazon instant video collection once it’s released. Wonder what will be in the director’s cut version. Can’t imagine what could have been cut! LOL…

Pre-movie trailers included Batman (Ben Affleck? Really?) vs Superman. *arches eyebrow*

And one that definitely appeals to me (Will Smith? Really?), Suicide Squad (coming out in August, 2016):

And of course looking forward to X-Men:Apocalypse (coming out in May, 2016):

So look forward to Deadpool sequel. What can I say?
I ? Wade. (? I’m a sucker for that man. ??)
And unicorns! Unicorns & rainbows in this movie! LMAO…

Good times. ?

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