haven |ˈhāvən|
noun: a place of safety or refuge

maxed camel
WARNING: Maximum Straw Capacity Reached!

Warning: We have reached maximum straw capacity.
Warning: We have reached maximum straw capacity.
Warning: We have reached maximum straw capacity.

displeasedwolfWhat’s a person’s pressure point once their haven’s forced from them and they feel they have no place left to go where they can feel safe, secure, protected and loved?

And what does it make the person applying the pressure – when repeatedly asked to show empathy and to remove it – they choose not to, even though that person has multiple other options open to them? Why is it that making a small concession that could prove so helpful to the other, and ultimately lead to benefit both, so fucking difficult to do?

bobcatInsisting on keeping the former feeling threatened and backed into a corner, in what world is this a good idea?
Does this sound like a situation in which healing – of any kind, including mutual – can take place? And how can one actually think healing would be possible when one never questions the why behind the other’s actions? All that shows is lack of empathy; turning deaf ears to the voice trying to reach you, blind eyes to the one trying to show you.

When all I’m feeling from you is this:

How on earth do you expect us to get to this…

Let alone reach here?

You found your Happy Place. swayzebabycorner

Let me have my Haven.
Baby don’t do well in a corner.

Author: StormCloud

"Caught a Bolt of Lightning⚡Cursed the Day He Let It Go 🎶" - Nothingman, Pearl Jam