Light Pink Candles

I work with candles daily and then some. One of the things I’ve noticed as time passes is that it’s become more and more difficult to find LIGHT pink candles that are solid in color throughout AND unscented.

Light pink taper candle - Caspari
Light pink taper candle – Caspari
Dark pink, hot pink… one trips over. Light pink that’s just a veneer over white, no problem (except, not exactly what’s needed.) Light pink but scented in all kinds of nose-wrinkling aromas? Abundantly.

I really don’t care for my house to smell like gardenia. Or faux-rose. Or plumeria. Or whatever the hell is in that would-have-been-a-perfect candle.

Caspari (pictured) makes just the right light pink candle with solid color throughout and it’s unscented. (Here’s a box of 12 on Amazon.) However… it only comes in taper. No charm (aka chime.) No pillar. No tea light. No votive. Forget about natural beeswax (which would be perfect; that honey aspect works beautifully.)

ETA: The light pink of the “Petal Pink” Caspari candle exactly matches the pink of my rose quartz sphere and angel. ?

Caspari petal pink candle
Caspari “Petal Pink” 12″ taper candle with clear and rose quartz angels & spheres and amber egg

I feel like Seinfeld: “What is the deal?”

So if you know of a good place to buy such a candle, please let me know in the comments, cause this is ridiculous.

Thank you! ? ?

Author: StormCloud

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