“Love Is All Around You”

“Love is knocking outside my door.” – Tesla

Yesterday, I was gifted with such a generous and genuine show of love and support that I –– the person who usually throws the lightning –– was struck by it.

Lightning Love
Lightning Love
I am overwhelmed by the warmth and true care to the point where I’m borderline speechless. (“Borderline”, because we need that margin of error, eh, Alina? ?) I almost can’t stand it; it’s that acute, hovering close to actual pain; that joy of…
“You like me! You really like me!”

Of course, since the respect is mutual, I now also feel the sharp edge of fear, of failure. Not for myself, but because this gift of investing in me, my core… I don’t want to let them down.

Now I feel almost like a lulled mare that was given a swift kick to get her going; and her reaction is at first startlement, then, “Oh! Yeah! Of course! Let’s GO!” *Pshoom!* LOL…
Fucking love Scorpios! LOL… ? ?

I’m on it, K-Star! *hugs*

Author: StormCloud

"Caught a Bolt of Lightning⚡Cursed the Day He Let It Go 🎶" - Nothingman, Pearl Jam